Our Advisors

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Dawn & Doug Reimer

Doug and Dawn founded Mirabel Vineyards over 10 years ago through their belief that sharing wonderful food and incredible wine is one of life’s greatest joys. Through Wine2Water, they feel there’s a great opportunity to bring the wine community together to give the gift of clean water to those who so desperately need it. Water changes everything!


Jeff Golby

As a father of two little ones, I can’t imagine what it would be like to have them wake up before sunrise and walk for hours to the swamp, only to have them drink the water they’ve just collected knowing it could very likely make them sick, or worse. I love how good wine brings good people together. And my hope is that through Wine2Water we can come together to not only enjoy amazing wine, but also to have a real impact on families dealing with the daily effects of water poverty.


100% of your gift goes towards changing lives through clean water

By simply including the Wine2Water stamp on your items, sending us a portion of the proceeds based on your customized plan, we’re committed to taking care of the rest, so you can keep doing what you do best.

Wine2Water administrative fees and program costs are being covered by our generous supporters, which means we can process paperwork, produce reports, and ensure 100% of your gift goes towards changing lives through clean water.